SCARAB JET BOATS is a division of the American giant REC BOAT HOLDING, which was founded in 2014 and is responsible for the production of jet boats under the brand of the same name.

Equipped with ROTAX jet engines, the SCARAB JET BOATS will give you advantages that no other drive system has. Lightning-fast acceleration, high speed, and amazing sensations - this is not the whole list of the advantages of these boats.

All Scarabs feature fast lines, sporty, striking interior designs and quality build. In addition, if you wish, you can order models with improved performance and chic interior trim.

The absence of a propeller will protect both swimming and water skiing. And the shallow draft of the vessel will allow you not to worry about hidden water obstacles and move to any part of the river or lake.

IST (Intelligent Shift and Throttle) technology will greatly facilitate steering control regardless of your driving experience. The designers were able to avoid the low speed maneuverability problems common to all water jet vessels. Moving at low speed, towing a skier or docking is now as easy as propeller drives. You are in complete control of everything in any situation.

You can always buy a Scarab boat by contacting us in any way convenient for you. The SCARAB price varies within reasonable limits.